Flag Red and Blue

There are only 3 flags possessing these two colors.

The colors blue and red are present on the flags of the following countries.

The flag with blue and red colors evokes deep and diverse symbolism across the world. The combination of these two hues can represent various ideas and values, ranging from peace to passion and freedom. 
The celestial shade of blue often embodies tranquility, serenity, and harmony. It can symbolize the vast expanse of the ocean or the sky, reminding us of infinity and universality. On the other hand, the vibrant red suggests power, energy, and fervent love. It can express a revolution, a struggle, or indomitable courage. 
Thus, the flag combining these shades contrasts calmness and passion, reflection and action. Many nations and movements have chosen these colors to represent their unique identity and shared aspirations. Whenever this flag waves, it serves as a reminder of the richness of human diversity and the myriad emotions that shape it, like a moving work of art in the winds of history.

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3 blue and red flags


The Haitian flag consists of two horizontal bands, blue on top representing the sky, and red beneath symbolizing the bloodshed for freedom.


The flag of Liechtenstein consists of two horizontal bands of blue and red with a gold crown in the upper hoist-side.


The flag of Samoa consists of a red field with a blue rectangle in the upper left corner, featuring stars.
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