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How many flags have a white cross on a red background?

Indeed, not easy to find flags with a cross and these colors.

Denmark, Switzerland, now these two nations indeed possess the symbol and colors, however, the flag of each nation is entirely different. The Nordic country uses a cross that touches each end of the country's emblem, whereas for Switzerland, this cross is situated in the center of the Swiss flag. The two colors are nevertheless represented on several flags around the world, and the symbol is also found on numerous national emblems. Discover below what these colors represent.

Meaning of the cross of colors, white, red: The cross frequently symbolizes certain religious orders, or the period of the Crusades. The color white is mostly associated with freedom, symbolizing neutrality and peace. White is present on a large portion of flags. Red has multiple meanings; it can signify death, courage, but also danger. Conversely, it can also be associated with passion and love. Discover from the menu below the two different countries with white-red flags and crosses..

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2 flags red white cross


The Danish flag, known as the "Dannebrog," features a red background with a white Scandinavian cross extending to the edges. Its simple yet striking design represents Denmark's rich history and cultural identity.


The Swiss flag consists of a red field with a bold, equilateral white cross at its center. Symbolizing neutrality and unity, it's a recognized emblem of Switzerland's rich history and diverse culture.
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