Orange White Green flag

Only 3 flags of green white orange color are found

Indeed, three countries have chosen these three colors to represent their values.

Now, we notice certain geometric differences in the use of the three colors. Several flags have opted for vertical stripes. The African continent is highlighted with two countries having adopted these colors, while only one European country possesses the green, white, red in its flag.

The first observation is that the color orange is rarely used, indeed only three flags out of a total of 197 standards. For white and green, their shades are much more representative. Discover a little further down the meaning of the three colors, the complete detailed description by country, and the presentation of the flags in photos.

Meaning of colors: The color orange is often associated with energy, joy. It also evokes warmth, the happiness of living. White, a symbol of purity, neutrality, this color is present on numerous flags. Green is associated with nature, tranquility. Discover from the menu below the various countries with flags of green, white, orange.

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The different green white orange flags.


The flag of Ireland, also known as the tricolor, consists of three vertical stripes of equal size. The colors are green, white, and orange. Green symbolizes Catholics, orange represents Protestants, and white stands for peace between them.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast
The flag of Ivory Coast consists of three vertical stripes: orange, white, and green. In the center, there's a depiction of an orange tree with an elephant holding a palaver stick.


The emblem of Niger consists of three horizontal bands of orange, white, and green. In the center, there's an orange circle representing the sun, symbolizing the country's position in the Sahara Desert.
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